Associate Professor Andre Renzaho

Assoc Prof Andre Renzaho
Founding Chairman and Executive Director

Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, A/Prof Andre Renzaho is currently the Director of the Migration, Social Disadvantage, and Health Programs at Monash University and Senior Fellow at the Burnet Institute.

He has previously worked with: the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Concern World Wide, Care Australia, Médecins Sans Frontières, and World Vision International; covering sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America.

Awards and Recognition

ARC Future Fellowship award (2012)
Heart Foundation CDA award (2011)
Ministerial appointment: Dental Practice Board of Victoria (2008-2010);
International recognition: Who’s Who in the World, 2008 Edition for demonstrating outstanding achievement in refugee health and for contributing significantly to the betterment of contemporary society;
Appointment: Deakin University Human Ethics Advisory Group as well as the Faculty of Health Equity and Diversity Committee (2008-2011);
Growing Research Together award, Deakin University (2008);
Approved contractor: New Zealand’s International Aid and Development Agency (2004-2011);
Ian Potter Foundation award (2002),
Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society award (2002)

Advisory committee memberships (or convener) and Expert Panel

National Health and Medical Research Council’s Postdoctoral Reference Group (2012-);
World Vision Australia’s AusAID NGO Cooperation Programs Review Committee (2004-2007);
World Vision International and Canadian International Development Agency Micronutrient and Health Taskforce (2004-2007);
Nutrition in Culturally Diverse Communities by the Australian Department of Health and Ageing and Eat Well Victoria Partnership (2003);
Refugee Health Service Model review committee by the Department of Human Services and Western Region Health Centre (2001-2001)
Refugees and Humanitarian Entrants Research Strategy by the Department of Human Services and the Centre for Culture Ethnicity and Health (2001-2002)
Partners in Culturally Appropriate Aged Care steering committee by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services (2002)
Healthy Eating Communication Strategy-Filling the Gap by Department of Human Services and Royal Children Hospital (2001-2002)
Maternal and Child Health and Preschool Services Linkage by Department of Human Services (2001-2002)

Editorial board membership

The Journal of Internal Displacement;
The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health
The Health Services Insights Journal
The Open Tropical Medicine Journal

Research outputs

Three authoritative books (published in New York)
More than 100 papers (in high impact journals; IF>2.0) and monographs
Attracted more than $4 million in national competitive grants
Regularly writes opinion pieces for the Age, Herald Sydney Morning, and Tasmania Times on African affairs
Supervised to completion five postgraduate students

Advocacy success

Embarked on a case against channel 7, 9 and 10 under the “respect for African Australians” slogan with success. ACMA ruled that each of the licensees breached clause 4.3.1 (present factual material accurately) and that ATV Melbourne (Channel 10) and GTV Melbourne (channel 9) also breached clause 4.4.1 (present news fairly and impartially) of the Commercial Industry Code of Practice 2004.
Successful media forum “Spotlight on Stereotypes: Multicultural Communities and the Media’ on 13 May 2010 in collaboration with the Ethnic Community Council of Victoria
Success with the Migrant Women Leadership and Mentoring programs, with 10 women graduating from the program ( funded by the then Brumby Victorian government)