The African Leadership, Learning and Advocacy Group Inc. (ALLAG) is an outward looking non?profit organization which brings together a network of African and non?African advocates, humanitarian workers and professionals to propose research?driven, solution-oriented strategies to engaging the African Diaspora both in Australia and abroad, and to foster human rights principles, synergies and accountability of programs for African migrants in Australia and humanitarian efforts in African countries of origin.

ALLAG’s Vision

To advocate changes that recognize and value the African Diaspora as an asset and as an institution of networks that brings about sustainable research?driven solutions, and knowledge and information to foster better quality of life for Africans both in their host countries (African migrants and refugees) and in countries of origin.

ALLAG Mission

To build cultural bridges, reach out, and promote a sense of participation and inclusiveness through community mobilisation, advocacy, education and development, and mentoring in order to create a voice for the African Diaspora.