Milestone 1: Media and advocacy-defending the interest of African migrants

In 2007, the former Minister for Immigration, Mr Kevin Andrews, publicly announced that African Migrants fail to integrate. Subsequently, channels 7,9,10 racially vilified African refugees and migrants, especially referring to Sudanese migrants as African migrant ethnic gangs. ALLAG, on behalf of the African community, lodged a complaint against to ACMA on 10 October 2007. An investigation was carried out and ACMA concluded that “each of the licensees breached clause 4.3.1 (present factual material accurately) and that ATV Melbourne (Channel 10) and GTV Melbourne (channel 9) also breached clause 4.4.1 (present news fairly and impartially) of the Commercial Industry Code of Practice 2004”.

Read the full reports:

ACMA letter to Dr Renzaho
Investigation report No. 1943 – HSV Channel Seven
Investigation report No. 1952 – GTV Channel Nine
Investigation report Nos. 1922 & 1953 – ATV Channel Ten

Over the last two decades there has been a proliferation of African associations in Victoria, numbering more than 25 as of March 2009. Unfortunately, African migrants often do not get along with each other, and there is intolerance within and across various African migrant associations, usually based tribal affiliation and geographic demarcation in countries of origin. Therefore, the aim for the African cultural integration and harmony initiative was to bring together African migrants from across the state, representatives from various African migrant associations, and service providers working with African migrants, to celebrate the richness of African culture. This was achieved through presentations of case studies various by African associations and representatives, African music performance and dance, and informal interactive cultural exchange. Case studies promoted cultural tolerance and harmony as well as highlighting practical steps for maximising connections between African associations whilst enabling participants to build contacts and point of reference.

Milestone 2: African cultural integration and harmony initiative